Autumn Spirits III Poster

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Autumn Spirits III, by James McCarthy

This painting is one of a set of 13 depicting another planet hosting a small colony of stranded humans.


Premium Glossy (12x18 and larger) 185.8 lbs glossy finish for richer colors and crisper, sharper images. Luxurious to the touch.
Matte (12x18 and larger) 121.6 lbs with smooth, rich texture. Great for black and white and detail-oriented posters.

Author/Artist: James McCarthy

James McCarthy is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan in the 1950s, and was part of the first generation of kids raised on television. Besides cartoons and comedies, he enjoyed the fantasy and sicence ficition shows. He also has fond memories of having multiple seasons, and has a special love for the snow and ice of winter, which he sees little of in his current home in Brandon, Florida.

He cites those childhood memories to be a great source of inspiration now, especially when listening to music: prog rock, classical, fusion jazz, new age, electronic and medieval. He has been seriously painting since 1999, and has exhibited artwork in galleries in the Tampa Bay area.

He graduated from Tampa Catholic High School and majored in painting at the University of South Florida. After school, he worked at Design/Art, a commercial art studio in Tampa which was run by his father, for 25 years until it closed in 2001.

Artist of thirteen art pieces listed below, and 

and Author of: The Observatory Gardens, a narrative to accompany the art pieces, which will soon be published as a story/art book by Phase 5.

  • The Observatory Gardens in Winter
  • Secret Garden
  • Loch Duich After the Rain
  • Water Garden at Dusk
  • Ruins at Night
  • The Observatory Gardens After the Rain
  • A Country House Garden
  • Autumn Spirits III
  • Secret Garden III
  • The Observatory Gardens in Spring
  • The Observatory Gardens at Night
  • The Old Ones: Zephyr Spirits in the Land of the Ancients
  • The Professor's Portals

Other publications: Several illustrations published by Foster Friends, a local children's book company.