Art by Gary Wayne Bowen

Gary Wayne Bowen is a resident of Hampshire Co., WV, USA, and enjoys hiking, fine ales, sword collecting, and all forms of art.

Gary is a self taught artist and co-author who enjoys working in nearly every artistic medium known and a few only guessed at. His previous works range from paintings in acrylic,oil and mixed media to wall murals, wood carvings, clay sculpture and pottery. His greatest thrill is to take on a commissioned piece outside of his comfort zone and bring the clients vision to life.

The Gray Lady is Gary's first officially published work. All of his previous pieces have been either for enjoyment or private commissions. You can contact him by clicking here.  Or follow on Facebook.

A gallery of Gary's work is currently under construction to feature the collected writings of Brandy Wayne, the pen name Gary and his wife, Brandy, chose to reflect their collaborative writing efforts.

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