Phase 5 Annual Review: Short Fictions, Volume 1

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Phase 5 Annual Review: Short Fictions, Volume 1
Volume 1 of the Phase 5 Annual Review: Short Fictions features nine short works of fantasy and science fiction by talented authors from Europe and the United States, including Allen L. Wold, Sergey Gerasimov and five up and coming authors.  Here you will find mutants, vampires, dangerously talented folks, ghosts, bots and aliens all nestled in with their all-too-human neighbors in settings as varied as urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic, timeless and alien.
So sit down with your beverage of choice and step through the portal to some new adventures... and a well-earned leisurely stroll through the gardens.

Doriann's Choice by Allen Wold

The Shadow by Sergei Gerasimov

Drucy's Tale by K.R. Gentile

Observatory Gardens by James McCarthy

Passage by Michelle Herndon

Penance by Arnold Cassell

The Life of a Romantic by Nana P. Vej

Robbery by Michelle Herndon

Lil Red & The Baron by K.R. Gentile

Cover art, Light at the End of the Tunnel, by Kerri Connelly

Phase 5 Elements

Science Fiction 1, Fantasy 2, Lessons 78


Classification:  Science Fiction; Fantasy.

Appropriate for Teen and Adult readers: Non-graphic violence and death, vampirism, suggested sexual situations, infrequent profanity, artificial intelligence, theft and intent to do harm.

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ISBN: 978-1-942342-90-8 paperback

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About the Authors:

Arnold Cassell

Arnold Cassell is a resident of Minnesota and enjoys games and stories.

You can check out his podcasts on YouTube.

Author of:  Penance (Short Story/Fantasy)

Sergey Gerasimov

Sergey Gerasimov is a resident of Ukraine where he enjoys playing tennis when not writing.  He has a degree in theoretical physics from Kharkov University.

Author of:  The Shadow, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.

 Other publications include:

K.R. Gentile

K.R. Gentile is an unwilling resident of Asheville, North Carolina and enjoys zeppelins, clockwork minions, warbot A.I.s, and secret volcano bases.

Author of: 

  • The Tale-Seller's Night, a tale of The Scorched Earth, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review
  • Lil Red & The Baron, a tale of The Scorched Earth, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review
  • Drucy's Tale, a tale of The Scorched Earth, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review
  • ...The Colour of Time, a super-villain novella, also published in 3 Tales of Horror

Michelle Herndon

Michelle Herndon is a resident of Black Mountain, North Carolina, and enjoys writing, sushi, anime, and world domination.

She has a BFA in English from Western Carolina University; a PhD in religion and zoology from Miskatonic University; and she is working on a graduate degree in physics from the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. In her spare time she works in a bookstore when not hunting vampires.

Author of:

  • Winter's Holdoriginally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.
  • What a Shameoriginally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.
  • Passageoriginally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.
  • Robberyoriginally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.

 Author/Artist: James McCarthy 

James McCarthy is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan in the 1950s, and was part of the first generation of kids raised on television. Besides cartoons and comedies, he enjoyed the fantasy and science fiction shows. He also has fond memories of having multiple seasons, and has a special love for the snow and ice of winter, which he sees little of in his current home in Brandon, Florida.

He cites those childhood memories to be a great source of inspiration now, especially when listening to music: prog rock, classical, fusion jazz, new age, electronic and medieval. He has been seriously painting sin 1999, and has exhibited artwork in galleries in the Tampa Bay area.

He graduated from Tampa Catholic High School and majored in painting at the University of South Florida. After school, he worked at Design/Art, a commercial art studio in Tampa which was run by his father, for 25 years until it closed in 2001.

Artist of thirteen art pieces to accompany The Observatory Gardens, which will soon be published as a story/art book by Phase 5.

Other publications: Several illustrations published by Foster Friends, a local children's book company.

Nanna P. Vej

Nanna P. Vej is unfortunately stuck in Denmark, where she is a student, though she hopes to escape as soon as possible. 

She enjoys writing, reading and watching various TV-shows and movies.

Author of The Life of a Romantic, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review

Allen Wold

Allen Wold was born in south-western Michigan, where he began writing when he discovered an old portable typewriter in his back closet. He finished high school in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from Pomona College, in Claremont, California, where he later met his wife, Diane. They married in 1972, and moved to North Carolina, where he began his career as a full time writer. In 1986, he became a full time father, writing when he could make the time. In 2003, he became a full time writer again, when his daughter, Darcy, went off to college, also at Pomona.

He has published nine novels (six of which have been re-issued by ReAnimus Press), several short stories (mostly for the Elf Quest anthologies), five non-fiction books on computers (he's completely self-taught, and it probably shows), and a number of articles, columns, reviews, and so forth, also concerning computers (written in language even he can understand).

Currently, Allen is still working on his epic heroic fantasy (3000 pages, 800,000 words); a vampire novel (no twinklies) in submission; a bizarre haunted house story that is far too long; and other projects in hand.

He also has a short collection of essays, Cat Tales, a collection of short stories, A Closet for a Dragon and Other Early Tales, and a haunted village novel, Stroad's Cross, all available from Amazon.

Allen has been running his version of a writer's workshop at various conventions for more than thirty years, and has had some success, since several people have not only finished but sold stories started in the workshop. He also runs a plotting workshop, an interactive lecture, which is a lot of fun, and which people have found helpful.

Allen is a member of SFWA, and nominated for the 2016-17 Manly Wade Wellman Award.

Author of Doriann's Choice, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review.