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About Phase 5 Publishing, LLC

Phase 5 endeavors to publish art and fiction firmly rooted within the genres, or their in-between spaces, cross-overs, mish-mashes and descendants.  The goal is not to publish "what's hot today" or focus on a particular type of plot or character, but to publish what will be timeless.  In that way, Phase 5 is different from many other publishers who may only be accepting stories about particular types of characters, styles or subject matters. 

But that is not the only way.

Phase 5 works a little differently.  Authors get more say in their covers and final edits. Covers attempt to accurately reflect what readers will find inside with the art, blurb, the Elements, and the maturity warnings.  No one wants to pay for something and find something different inside.  If the story involves the death of animals or children, explicit language, violence or sex, or other scenes that could be trauma triggers, it is included on the cover.  Maybe that turns some readers away, but they likely would not have enjoyed that book anyway.  In that way, Phase 5 offers readers more say in their purchases.

More specifically, Phase 5 Publishing, LLC is a limited liability company organized under the laws of North Carolina, publishing science fiction, fantasy and horror (art and fiction). It's manager, editor-in-chief and woman of many hats is Rebecca Ledford: a life-long fan of science fiction, fantasy, and horror art, literature and movies; an editor for friends and employers for more than 20 years; holder of a BA in Psychology; an obsessive maker; a fan of science and creativity. 

Tired of the formulaic "theme of the year" trends that flooded bookstore shelves, I began Phase 5 to enable the wonderful artists and authors I knew and met at conventions to be able to reach their potential fans.  So far, I have published art and fiction from artists and authors around the world, while maintaining a full-time job as a paralegal.  I am the editor (all types), webmaster, bookkeeper and design the covers (excepting the actual art when an artist is credited). I review all the submissions myself. I do have a silent partner and often solicit opinions and assistance from friends, acquaintances, contracted authors and artists and the occasional contractor, and thus often lapse into "we" to acknowledge their contributions.  But, in large, I do most of the work of actual publishing.  I may not be the speediest publisher around, but I am in this for the long haul and I am very dedicated to making Phase 5's products the best quality I can.

For information about the talented artists, authors, etc., who contribute their labors to Phase 5 Publishing, see their individual works (a list provided below). 

Content Advisory

Phase 5's publications are intended for a mature audience unless otherwise specified. "Mature" in this case means over the age of 18, or otherwise comfortable with mature themes, language, etc.


Creators warrant that the work they provide for publication is their own. If you believe one of Phase 5's publications breaches your intellectual property rights, please use the form below using Subject: Legal with the details of your claim.

Website & Other Credits

Logo created by Kenneth Gentile.

Mailing address:

Phase 5 Publishing, LLC
PO Box 1595
Asheville, NC  28802

Meet Phase 5's talented group of authors

Arnold Cassell

Author of Penance, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1: Short Fictions

Christopher L. DelGuercio

Author of Eden Succeeding, available as an eBook and in 3 Tales of Horror

K.R. Gentile

Author of ...The Colour of Time, The Tale-Seller's Night, Little Red and the Baron, Drucy's Tale, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1: Short Fictions 

Sergey Gerasimov 

Author of The Shadow, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1

Michelle Herndon

Author of  Passage,  Winter's Hold, What a Shame, and  Robbery, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1

James McCarthy

Author of The Observatory Gardens, originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Reviewreprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1: Short Fictions, and to be combined with his accompanying art work and sold as an art story book

Rick McQuiston

Author of The Solution, also published in 3 Tales of Horror

Christopher A. Miller

Author of Agents of Paradise

Thomas Olbert 

Author of Dissent:  Book I of The Nexus

Justin Robinson 

Author of Nerve Zero, A Novel of the Log of the Hand of Tyr

Nanna P. Vej 

Author of The Life of a Romantic,  originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1

Brandy Wayne 

Author of Sheleasoun:  Book I of Beneath the Echoes of Memory

Allen Wold

Author of Doriann's Choice,  originally published in the Phase 5 Monthly Review, and reprinted in the Phase 5 Annual Review, Volume 1

Meet Phase 5's talented group of artists

Gary Wayne Bowen

Artist of The Grey Lady

Kerri Connelly

Artist of Passage of Time; Secrets of the Universe, Partially Revealed; Tale of Chief Many Suns; Sea Witch; Constellation; Green-Eyed Monster; Subconscious; The Light at the End of the Tunnel; The Big Bang

Eric A. Gehlin

Artist of Direct Hit; Nebula; Reflections; The Conqueror Worm; Nightmare; Microverse; Tartarus; Attack of the Fractal Monster; After the Fall; Stone Face; Wasteland; Industrial Complex; Across the Wall; The Blast Furnace; The Cygnus 4 Anomaly; Sylvan Heights; In the City of Mystery; Moonrise on Cygnus 4; The Infernal Egg; Spore; The Harder They Fall; The Shadow Realm, Faberge Tech, Drusus City Sublevel

Tesa Gunawan

Artist of Darra, cover of Sheleasoun: Book I of Beneath the Echoes of Memory

Dylan Hansen

Artist of Undead Horizon, cover of The Solution; and Divine Blessing, cover of ...The Colour of Time

James McCarthy

Artist of The Observatory Gardens in Winter; Secret Garden; Lock Duich After the Raiin; Water Garden at Dusk; Ruins at Night;The Observatory Gardens After the Rain; A Country House Garden; Autumn Spirits III; Secret Garden III, The Observatory Gardens in Spring; The Observatory Gardens at Night; The Old Ones: Zephyr Spirits in the Land of the Ancients; The Professor's Portals

Junior McLean

Artist of Mermaid I

Ludovit Nastisin

Artist of Angel-Demon

Ralph J. Ryan

Artist of Typhon and Hinden, cover of Nerve Zero; The Orb; ...