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Customer Service 
Have a problem with a purchase or need assistance or information? Please use the contact form below.

Where can I buy your books?

Phase 5's books are available from a variety of retailers and websites. Links to each are below the book descriptions on their respective pages. 

How do I know when the book I want is available from my preferred retailer?

Complete the form below and with the name of the book and the place you want to buy it from and receive an email when it is available.

What is your publication schedule?

Phase 5's current goal of making available one book every 6-8 weeks.  Please check the Blog for more information on upcoming works.

Where can I find submission information?

Check the Submissions page, and review the Guidelines and Working with Phase 5 for other information you may be interested in.

I submitted work for publication. How will I know when you've made a decision on it?

I email authors and artists after an initial review of the first few pages has been completed and whether the work is fast-tracked for review or remains in the normal review queue. I currently have many manuscripts in the Review Queue, so it takes me some time to get through them all. I review whole manuscripts, not just the first page or first chapter, so it takes time. I also give real feedback about the manuscript, not just a one line acceptance or rejection email. 

How can I contact one of your authors or artists?

Some of out authors and artists make their contact information available in his/her bio on this site.  Please see the About section to find the author or artist's bio page.  If not, you may complete the form below and provide a message. Please specify the name of the author or artist so we know to whom we should forward it.