Mermaid 1

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Artist: Junior McLean

Jotha McLean, Jr., known more commonly as Junior McLean, is a resident of Bronx, New York, USA, and enjoys video games, studying electronics, PC, A+, graphic design/digital 3D rendering and 2D art, fractal art/abstract all related to digital 2D or 3D over all, and is also a current freelancer in graphic designing print materials and a regular photoshop retoucher, editing or restoring damage photos.

He is a High School Graduate of Dewitt Clinton of the Bronx 1995, Co-op Technical Educational School, Basic Carpentry and Computer Science.


Other publications include works published by Sams Dot Publishing, Winged Halo Productions, FW Publishing, Digital Divine Revolution, Peg Leg Publishing, AKW Books, Imagine FX, New Type USA, Outskirt Press, Lilly Press, Sonar 4 Publications, Ancient Paths, and Bete Noire Magazine.

Artist of Mermaid 1.

Mermaid 1